Triad Acoustic Stage - About Us

We’re a group of friends and music lovers who are working to provide a place for musicians to play!

TAS is based in Greensboro, North Carolina, and is a volunteer organization. Founded in 2007, we held our first shows in early 2008.  We're now in our seventh year of amazing music, featuring those artists that you'd never get to see in Greensboro--first-rate acts in close-up performances, great music, and wonderful evenings.  We often follow up the shows with casual gatherings at the Printworks Bistro, and hope that you'll join us there, too!  For more info, please click on these links for Volunteers, Musicians, or Email Newsletter....

Our Goals
• Provide comfortable, easy-to-perform-in spaces that sound good
• Bring musicians face to face with their fans for up-close shows
• Return as much money to the musicians as possible, by keeping expenses to a minimum.
• Provide a venue where musicians and fans can meet, play, listen, and share music

Interested in being a Volunteer?

We are actively looking for a small team of folks who can help us do our musical productions.  We need:

1.  Volunteers on show days who can help us do a room change-over, set up chairs, sell CD's for artists, and help us fold everything back up at the end of the evening;

2.  A person or small team of folks who can manage our FaceBook page, tweaking it, adding photos and comments on shows past and present, and working to increase our visibilty through that medium;

3.  A person or small team of folks who can manage a Twitter feed for Triad Acoustic Stage prior to and during performances.

If you can lend a hand, please give drop us an email  or call to discuss 336-643-8643 


If you are a performing musician traveling through the central North Carolina area, we’d like to talk with you about a performance! We're not a coffee house, nor an open-mic place; we do professional productions in a listening room environment.  We normally do about 6-10 shows a year, and we often skip the summer -- there are many other venues and shows that are live during that time.  Feel free to give us a shout by email to chat!

Mailing List

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Please join our mailing list.  We promise not to abuse your in box, and you can remove your name at any time.  See you at a show!

Our Staff and Volunteers

Judi Kastner

Judi Kastner has been a lifesaver for TAS.  She's the person who gets the news out, rounds up the press, and lets everyone know what we're up to.  Judi has worked as professional publicist for years, but for the music, it's on the house.  She's a great find!

Bobby Doolittle

Bobby's always working at the show somewhere--either taking tickets at the front door, working with Jim on the sound system, or selling CD's for the artist.  He's the core of volunteers at TAS, and we couldn't do it without him!

Jo Ann Smith

Jo Ann Smith was in on the ground floor, way back when she and Bill said  "could we?".  Her inspiration keeps us going; her love of live music makes it all worthwhile!

Jim Ritchey

Jim is the reason our shows sound so great.  His years of experience performing, mixing, and recording live music have come home to roost at Triad Acoustic Stage.  His business ( is a computer and recording company; for TAS, he's in it for the love of great music!  We couldn't do it without him, and we are blessed to have his company!

Kathy Adams

You've seen Kathy at almost every TAS show--she's the smiling face at the front door, ushering you in for a great evening!

Peg Parham

Peg Parham has been a valuable (or is that invaluable??) member of the team for years!  In the last year, she has expanded her input and now serves at the Associate Director of TAS; she works with Bill to plan and carry out the full performance schedule.  In addition, she's wide open to any music she can find within a thousand miles--you'll see her there!

Bill Payne

One of the home team for Triad Acoustic Stage, Bill's been working on getting good music to Greensboro for years!