Our Sponsors and Favorite Links

Triad Acoustic Stage is supported by several important members of our community, and we urge you to call on them. In addition, here are a few links to some of our favorite places on the web.


Presbyterian Church of the Covenant

The Presby Church of the Covenant is one of our favorite places in Greensboro.  It's a wonderful group of folks, a great building, and a superb venue for interesting music.  Our favorite service is the 9:20 AM casual gathering on Sunday morning; come join us!

Proximity Hotel and Printworks Bistro

We are delighted to list Proximity Hotel and the Print Works Bistro as one of our main sponsors for live music in Greensboro!  The place is amazing--the first 4-star LEEDS-certified hotel in North America, and one of the best restaurants and bars in the region.  We often retire to the Bistro after Triad Acoustic shows--come join us there!

Mack and Mack Clothing Design Studios

Mack and Mack is a fabulous place based on quality, comfort, and style.  Robin and John are true patrons of the arts in our region, and have welcomed us with open arms.  Come shopping with us at their studio--it's a treat!

Revolution Mills, Greensboro, NC

A true Cinderral story if ever there was one!  Originally a huge Cone Mills fabric plant, built in 1899, this campus has been re-imagined and reclaimed to be one of the crown jewels of our region!  Revolution now serves as a fabulous event center with several unique venues; a thriving business center with dozens of companies based there; and, coming soon, over 100 very special apartments that will set new standards for the area!  We are pleased as punch to be able to partner with Revolution Mills for our larger performances!

RTec Computer Services

RTec is a local computer support group owned and operated by Jim Ritchey, right here in Greensboro.  He's maintained our own computers for over a decade, and he's always the first tech we would recommend for yours, too.  Jim is also a musician, songwriter, and recording engineer at his studio in Greensboro, and has produced some very fine work for himself and others!  He's also a key volunteer for TAS--he does our live mixes at our shows, and is the ears behind our great concert sound.  Support him!

Thanks again to our Sponsors